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Tax Director/ Partner Designate | Large Firm | Financial Services


"Patrick provides a top-quality recruitment service.

He presented me with a prospective role that was/is an excellent match for the next step in my career. He provided detailed insights regarding the opportunity available which allowed me to make a thoroughly informed decision. He was consistently available and took my feedback on board, offering unbiased advice.

He helped me secure a Tax Director/ Partner Designate role. I would highly recommend Patrick and look forward to working with him again to build out my team.”


Audit Partner | Top 10 Firm | Ireland 


"Patrick provided us a solution of high calibre, motivated, qualified audit staff who had an immediate positive impact on our firm. His knowledge of the visa process, the timing involved and the type of person we needed with excellent. 5 roles were filled in 2023 through him exclusively.

The experience with Patrick and Clarity Search Partners was very positive and would have no problem recommending his service to any firm in Ireland or further afield."


Audit Senior | Large Firm 


"During the last few months, I have been in limbo as to whether I should accept the Ireland auditing job offers.

I asked myself so many questions about cost of living there, and whether I will secure accommodation given the accommodation crisis in Ireland.

When I accepted Patrick’s LinkedIn invitation for a chat about the opportunity in Ireland, I didn’t know whether he would give me the right information about the above crisis. He was transparent and honest regarding these issues from the onset. He was not only transparent about these issues, his commitment to assisting me in getting the necessary information about the cost of living in Ireland, the work permit application process and securing accommodation before arriving in Ireland was exceptional. He was committed to walking the journey with me from the interview process to my now ‘new home’ in Ireland.

Such information helped me make informed decisions about my relocation to Ireland.

His work ethics are impeccable. Such professionalism and commitment from a recruiter is what we are looking for as job seekers."